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Commercial Litigation Woods Lonergan LLP


Firm Overview

In today’s environment, you are confronted with an increasing number of challenges and obstacles, in life and business, which need to be quickly resolved or, if feasible, converted into opportunities. You are seeking guidance and assistance from a law firm that understands these complexities and serve as member of your team to provide real time problem solving to transform these obstacles into solutions.

At Woods & Lonergan, LLP, since 1993, we have built a reputation as a full service law firm providing our clients clear and straightforward answers to their challenging and complex matters. We evaluate and offer solutions from the clients prospective and provide sophisticated legal advice coupled with innovative problem-solving.

A key component to our success is providing both practical and cost-effective solutions for any legal issue facing our clients; in negotiations and if appropriate litigation. We pride ourselves on providing creative and timely advice, while staffing matters to accomplish our clients’ goals most efficiently with an eye toward their long term goals. We are always looking for opportunities to add value to our clients’ businesses and personal goals.

Our law firm’s mission is to provide every client our fullest attention, sound advice and forceful representation at a carefully managed cost. Our lawyers work as a team to ensure that every client of the firm can benefit from our collective knowledge and experience across our practice areas.